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Books, Books, Books: April 2020 Haul

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Another month means more books. Yay books! Honestly though, I think I managed to keep my retail therapy under fairly strict control this month. It definitely also helps that I’ve been trying to focus my social distancing efforts on tackling the books in my hands and on my shelves versus buying and buying…and buying.

Again (and always) I usually do have the worst self control when it comes to book buying, which is made possible by the fact that I don’t have many other expenditures. But, as always, I want to emphasize that the number of books you own does not quantify your love for books, or your worth as a blogger, bookstagrammer, booktuber, or reviewer.

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And so, without further ado, here are the books that fell into my hands over the last month, in one way or another! Hyperlinks will take you to my reviews of those titles.

Book Purchases:

Indigo: Imagine MeStar Collector: Volume 2Ruthless GodsBonds of BrassVerona ComicsThe Deck of Omens, Check, Please! Book 2: Sticks and Stones, Don’t Call the Wolf
Book Boxes: Ruthless Gods (OwlCrate exclusive edition)

I feel like April was lighter than usual because lots of the titles I pre-ordered have either had their release dates pushed back, or release day has come and gone and they’ve just…not shipped—and are listed as “Out of Stock” online—so I’m assuming there have been delays with books arriving at fulfillment warehouses, or they’re back-ordered (is that the same thing?).

Also, I designate my hauls based on the month the book arrives. It’s for that reason I haven’t included my April OwlCrate or LGBTQReads pick for this month.

Library Loans:

From left to right: The Shadows Between Us (audiobook), Wicked As You WishCrescent City: House of Earth and BloodDocileThe Upside of Falling

I came this close to saying no books in April for me since the library has been closed for almost two months, but we were able to arrange one delivery via our ILL service, and behold: some of my holds made it through! And although I do have access to eResources, my existing—and arguably crippling—stack of physical library books has taken precedence for now, because it’s…thirty-three books tall. Oops.

Also yes, some of these are titles I’ve bought already. I’m the monster who buys books but has grown accustomed to—and prefers—the feeling of the plastic covers we put on our hardcovers to protect them.

Physical ARCs (via Authors and/or Publishers):

Again, unsurprisingly, physical ARCs are also at a standstill since offices are closed and people are working from home, so there’s no one to package and mail ARCs.

Digital ARCs (via Authors, Edelweiss and/or Netgalley):

From left to right: Star DaughterAmong the Beasts and Briars, Seasons of the StormI’ll Be the One, The FascinatorsFence: Striking DistanceCemetery BoysBeyond the Ruby VeilThe Falling in Love Montage

Cemetery Boys was received because I was invited to be on the author’s Street Team! Other than that…I am a fool. I know I lost all control and over-requested in light of publishers not being able to send physical ARCs (curse you, COVID-19).

A million extra thanks to HarperCollins Canada for graciously approving literally every request I submitted. Also in general there were just…so many of my most anticipated releases popping up on Edelweiss and I am weak, okay?

Giveaways (via Twitter, Instagram, etc.):

The universe was on my side and I did win a couple giveaways on Twitter in April! However, as I mentioned earlier I organize these hauls based on when the books arrive, so hopefully I’ll be able to include them in my May Haul. Considering they’re from Book Depository (which ships from the UK or Australia), I might have to wait given international shipping delays.

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And that’s it for my April Book Haul!

How was your April for books? Did you acquire any new favourites?

Have you read any of the titles above, or are there any you’re excited about?

4 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books: April 2020 Haul”

  1. I haven’t read any of these, but I know I’m looking forward to Beyond the Ruby Veil (though I completely forgot what it’s about, lol.) Also still looking forward to The Deck of Omens haha… maybe it will arrive next week 🙃

    I’m curious about the ILL delivery you were able to get! (I also work in a public library.) Was that like a regularly scheduled delivery that arrived to the library after it closed to the public?


    1. I’m so, so excited to have been approved for BEYOND THE RUBY VEIL! Essentially: unlikeable chaotic murder lesbian meets a magic system based on blood 🎉

      When things are business as usual, we receive an ILL shipment once a week. These stopped mid March when all the libraries were closed to the public. However, last week we were able to organize a delivery of the items headed our way that had arrived at our regional headquarters prior to the closures but hadn’t yet been sorted, etc. It was a very small delivery (5 bins versus the usual 12-15), and we’ve no idea how long it’ll be until ILL services resume.


      1. Wow, thanks for the reminder re: Beyond the Ruby Veil! That does like something I would instantly add to my TBR haha. Thanks also for sharing re: your ILL shipment. That’s lucky you were able to get that one last delivery then!


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